3 Things To Do To Stop Having Recurrent Infections.

If you are one of those who keeps getting sore throats or ear infections or boils or other such infections, this article is for you.

Sugar is what germs (bad bacteria) feed on. Every single solitary time I see a patient who’s got an infection, especially those who keep getting infections and boils repeatedly, their nutrition contains a lot of sugar. They drink lots of juice, lots of sodas/fizzy drinks, they eat foods that contain added sugars, sugar, sugar, sugar.

Often parents bring their kids with infections – holding a bottle of coca cola. And are blissfully unaware of the connection between the presenting complaint and the thing in the child’s hand. Similarly, adults come in with either urinary tract infections, or boils or sore throats – various sorts of infections, unaware that the snack they’ve just eaten is loaded with food for the very germs causing the infection.

Bad bacteria’ – which causes infections, feeds on sugar.
Good bacteria’ – also called ‘Probiotics’, which live in your gut, feed on fibre. Part of their job is to fight the bad bacteria.

When you have an infection it’s a sign that, among other things, your body has more bad bacteria than good bacteria. So the bad bacteria are winning the fight, hence your symptoms.

What To Do To Stop These Infections?

PLANT-PROTEINSIf you wish to stop having recurrent infections, then ONE THING you must do is stop feeding the germs/bad bacteria. Cut out added sugars from your nutrition and drinks. Read your food labels to see where these things are added.
Eat lots more vegetables and fruit as close to raw and fresh as possible. PLANT PROTEINS
Raw is ideal but do what you can, because that way you get loads of fibre in your system.
The good bacteria in your gut feeds on this fibre, remember.

Load up on Probiotics
but don’t buy the yoghurt that claims to contain it! Very often this yoghurt also contains sugar – which feeds the bad bacteria and defeats the purpose…
You’re better off buying Probiotic supplements from a health food store.friendly bacteria
These come either in PROBIOTICS powder or capsule form- check to see what’s available. Take these once a day if you’ve just finished a course of antibiotics (antibiotics kill bad bacteria AND good bacteria so they leave you less immune to further attacks than before you took them) for a month then every other day afterwards. A more detailed post on probiotics and benefits will be uploaded soon.

Replace sugary drinks with water.water and healthy living
Dr Kem Healthy Lifestyle clinic North London and Herts
Drink your daily recommended amount of water each day. Then allow yourself 1 or 2(maximum) non-water drinks per day in addition to your daily water amount. However these additional drinks must NOT include soda.
If you don’t like the taste of pure water then flavour it up with a fresh citrus fruit. Do not fall for the scam that is sold as ‘flavoured water’ or ‘vitamin water’ – those should be rightly called ‘sugar water’.

Start with these three changes and your body will become better equipped to fight infections, so you should expect to need fewer visits to the doctor’s office from now on!

Dr Nkem (Kem) Thompson (MBBS, Dip. Performance Coaching, MRCGP)
GP, Author, Award-winning** Speaker
“Changing the Way You Think About Health & Life”
Winner, Women4Africa “Motivational Speaker of the Year 2013”

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