The ‘THINK BIG’ Conference

(BIG Dreams start from BIG Thoughts)

Taking place on Saturday 17th November 2012 at

NH Harrington Hotel, 5-25 Harrington Gardens, London SW7 4JW

From 1-6pm (Registration starts 12.30pm)

Come and Network, Be Inspired and hear from the Speakers who ‘Think Big.’

Speakers on the day are:

Dr Anikphe Oyedeji graduated as a doctor from the University of Ibadan in March 1994. She undertook her postgraduate training in Ghana, the United Kingdom and United States of America in order to become a transplant nephrologist. She now practises as a Consultant of Medicine in Cheshire. She is the mother of 4 children. She is passionate about building people with the Word of God, and delivering health and social care services with excellence.


Jennifer Ogole is passionate about young people. She is the founder and CEO of BANG Edutainment, a training and youth development organisation. As part of BANG’s work Jennifer won a licence to deliver BANG Radio, a successful community radio station in NW London. Jennifer’s extensive professional network has enabled BANG to raise money for BANG’s work through charitable trusts, government agencies and European sources.


Steve Murigi is the current Communications manager for AMREF in Uganda. He has worked with AMREF for the last 6 years both in Kenya and in Uganda where he is currently stationed. He has a background in communication and holds a diploma in print journalism and a B.A in Social communication from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.


Atiti Sosimi – CEO & Creative Designer / Educator / Entrepreneur and Winner of Outstanding Mother of the Year – Women 4 Africa Awards 2012. This award winning Serial Mumpreneur has the following accomplishments; Shhh orTell it – Board game inventor, Author of ‘The Big Secret’ short story available in 8 languages, Creator of children’s animation – Tiddles & her terrific sack of tales.


Tola Onigbanjo – Aka Wisetola, is a women’s leaders, project manager and established entertainment hostess. Her passion in life is to make things easier for people by being the helping hand, people often dream of knowing. She is also a gifted youth and women’s mentor. As the big dreamer behind “Women4Africa” Tola once again true to her nature seeks to serve first.


Roucheon Iloyi – Award Winning Performing Artist, Writer, Producer and Designer Roucheon from FEROmedia. Hailed as ‘The next best thing to come out of the UK’ by, she is captivating audiences with her current album release ‘Love Royelle’ now available on digtal download.


Breis – BREIS (breeze) is a dynamic Hip Hop lyricist originally from Nigeria and the author of ‘Brilliant Rappers Educate Intelligent Students’.

Ticket prices: £20 

Refreshments provided and a Women4Africa goody bag.


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