Benefit from Tai Chi Pregnancy Fitness

Every Expecting Mum Can Benefit from Tai Chi Pregnancy Fitness Especially for Natural Births

We all know that exercise during pregnancy is beneficial to you and your baby. Labour is also hard work and keeping fit will help a lot to make the experience easier. Just like you would normally not run a marathon without any physical training, the same applies to giving birth.

While you are pregnant, you have to be careful in choosing the right exercise(s) to do so you do not harm yourself and your baby. Exercises such as walking, swimming, yoga have been known to be beneficial during pregnancy. However, we have carried out some research into Tai Chi. Now many of you have heard about it or even attended some Tai Chi classes but did you know that its gentle low impact exercises are great for pregnancy?

Tai Chi exercises have been known to be suitable for people of all ages and have been proven to help the elderly with their balance and fitness levels. When adapted for pregnancy, it is very useful for maintaining good balance and posture, strengthening the pelvis, massaging the shoulders, knees and ankles. Together with its breathing techniques, it helps to keep you relaxed and fit. I’ll be discussing the benefits of the breathing techniques in my next article.

Pregnant woman exercising, isolated on whiteIn other words, Tai Chi Pregnancy Routines have the following benefits among others:

–          Increase your energy levels during pregnancy (don’t we need this?)

–          Strengthen your body muscles in preparation for labour

–          Calm and relax you (this is especially good for you and your baby)

–          Help you with your posture and balance as your bump grows

–          Help with swollen feet and ankles


The Pregnancy Routines are especially useful for mums who want to have their babies naturally i.e. without medical interventions. Because a lot of energy is needed during labour, after several hours many women get tired and overwhelmed with the pain and lack of energy. For mum and baby’s health, medical interventions become necessary. There are other reasons why women are offered medical interventions and if they become necessary, it is important that you put your health and that of your baby’s first. However, with regular exercise, you can increase your energy levels and improve your chances to bring your baby into the world naturally.

The Tai Chi Pregnancy routines we have created for expecting mums will not only keep you fit during pregnancy, help you during labour but will also aid your recovery after your baby arrives.

And you can do these routines even if you are new to Tai Chi or did not even exercise before your pregnancy. If you already exercised before you became pregnant and you are looking for some gentle exercises to keep fit during your pregnancy, you will also find Tai Chi for Pregnancy useful.

As with any new exercise routine, please discuss this with your doctor and or midwife.

Bridget Osho – Fertility Coach, Writer, Entrepreneur and Researcher

Bridget is a Fertility Coach who specialises in the use of a unique combination of alternative and western maternity practices, nutritional therapy and optimal lifestyle habits to create the most harmonious and positive motherhood experience. She provides fertility and pregnancy coaching support to women (and men) who want to become parents from pre-conception, pregnancy through to being a new mum.


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