The Sojourner’s dialogue by Faustina Anyanwu

FaunteeThe breeze of life is short
The life of growth is ageless
A heart of love is deep.
Where the heart of love dwells
Peace and trust are deeper than wells.
See the snows are white but never pure
Compared to the purity of a heart so true.
The snow is whiter
But the heart is brighter.
Beauty, white and bright
Purity remains most true.
White and purity
Bright and Beauty
All are gifts from He full of wisdom
Are the gifts to be given or reserved
Or must it be conserved and preserved?
Those who have eyes to see it
Those who know it when they see it
Must these gifts be shown
No! The gifts are shown to all
God lets his rain pour on all
Good, bad or wicked
He redeemed and loved us all
Even when He was rejected.
He came to redeem and save
Those who yawn for freedom as slaves.
He humbled himself to become one with us
In all things except in sin.
With eyes of love
We look up above
To him without sin.
In him we place our hope
When we stand on rope.
Oh! that I may reap from the ripe trees
And laugh myself to a lively sleepy sleep.
And for once my heart let the world be
As I sleep my heart and soul
To the sweet sounds from birds and bees
How would the world be ?
Does the heart hear?
No! Let the heart heat the cold world
And the world wear the torn heart.
Tear not a heart as silent as a babe
And as peaceful as the dove
For my heart cherish but only love.
Tear and wear
So that you may
Mend and tear no more.
May I never wear a torn heart
For to tear and mend
Will only leave on a scar.
A scar is a symbol of history
Evoking the past
For one who has a past.
Teaching and telling what to never do
Reminding us where we come from
And where we are going .
Where we are going
Only but love
Patience and persistence
Can take us.
Godspeed to the fair passenger
Sweet dreams to the dreamer
Well done to the hard worker
Till journey, dream, and hard work embrace
Then shall we fly to our destination.

(c) Faustina Anyanwu. All rights reserved 2011.

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