Women4Africa Business Summit

2014 Business & Leadership summit

Official overview of  the Business and Leadership summit hosted by Women4Africa and Great Business Platforms .

Friday the 7th of November, we hosted the 3rd Annual Business and Leadership Summit –Powered by Women4Africa and Great Business Platforms.

Venue: The Canterbury Suite, Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch
Doors opened at 10am:

The day started with coffee, biscuits and croissants, followed by a brief networking session.

This is how the day went




Speaker 1: Heather Benham – Growth Voucher.

Heather-Benham-2Heather lead our audience through a punchy and precise presentation on how any Business in England could benefit from a up to £2,000 grant to help develop the strategic objectives of that particular business.

In Particular how you could position your business much better for new business and publicity.

For more Information email info@greatbusinessplatforms.com



Event Sponsor: Dr Akin Tikare, 

Akin TikareSpoke with authority about this subject area dentistry and why your “Orals” matter in Perception. From strong breath to bleeding gums, he identified how personal insecurity, complex could easily weaken commercial standing and inadvertently work adversely on your position and perception.

With verbal communication as an important part of daily interactions. With multiple graphic aids this point was driven home. Needless to say there were a series of questions  from our delegates that extended his session.

Speaker 2:  Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE Yvonne
The voice of experience and maturity rang rich though the audience, it was clear within a few minutes of her presentation that Yvonne dared to go where many had before!
Yvonne carefully carried our delegates along as she shared In particular the story of developing her current book “7 traits of highly successful women on boards”
She gave us multiple examples of how she approached various leaders in the city and how anyone in the room could duplicate her actions. Her style and presentation made it easy to sell out all her books even before she had finished her presentation.


Speaker 3: Pooja Samani,
PoojaDirector of IRN Networks and Professor of Event Management,  Pooja focused on brands and branding, she shared with us how she and her CEO  grew there business, she shared clear examples of brand equity and the difference between its own value and the value of the business it is associated with.
She went on to share examples and thoughts mainly homing in on consistency and quality as the drivers of a Value business and true indicators of Perception and Positioning. At the end it would be fair to say she was almost mobbed by “new converts” who really benefitted from the value of this branding expert.


The Queens Honours:
Queens HonoursRepresented by Dr Yvonne Thompson and Abby Oshodi, shed light on what is required and how more people in the community should get involved and nominated for the Queens Awards





Event Sponsor: Toyin Seweje,

ToyinMD ,of Marcel of London, Toyin focused on etiquette , she brought a very practical touch to how what you wear can affect perspectives and perceptions.She quickly showcased some beautiful jewellery




Speaker 4 Elizabeth Uwaifo:
LizSpoke about the emergence of a new leadership within the community, she strongly advocated for people to make sure they supported each other in business as much as possible



Some of the tweets that went out on the day include:

“We need to Evolve from Independent business leaders to Interdependent leaders”

Sam Onigbanjo

“When you need a mentor in an area you are struggling, reach out to someone”

Elizabeth Uwaifo

“Honours are a wonderful encouragement. It is about recognising the impact of selflessness in community”

Abby Oshodi

“Focus on your focus and How to become a key person of Influence”

Dr Yvonne Thompson


You can participate and join in at any time by joining our Business club at www.greatbusinessplatforms.com
Or by visiting www.women4africa.com

GBP and W4A




2013 Business & Leadership summit

Friday 15th November 2013

Leaders need self awareness, a commitment to excellence and the desire to continuously develop and improve themselves. These were, according to the speakers at the Annual business and leadership summit, the key elements which go into the development of a transformational leader.

The speaker panel, consisted of successful entrepreneurs and proven leaders with a depth of experience and insight from different industries. Onyi Anyado – award winning Entrepreneur and Life Coach, Abe Jawando – Business Coach, Sam Onigbanjo – Founder, Women4Africa, Annabel Harper – Former BBC News editor, Executive Leadership Coach, Caroline Marsh – Leading Property Investor, Kathi Scott – Exec Director Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund UK, Ricardo Simms – City Sponsorship Expert, Dr Sina Iluyemi – Secretary General, NEPAD, Justina Mutale – Founder/CEO of POSITIVE RUNWAY: Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread and Dr Nkem Thompson – Leading GP and Author. The speakers were asked to share their thoughts on leadership in business.

In addition to sharing their knowledge the speakers were willing to share personal stories which helped get their points across as well as to connect and engage with the audience. The speakers were in agreement that in order to successfully lead in business, you have to:

• cultivate excellence in everything you do, it should be evident in every part of your business; embrace change
• understand how to successfully manage change
• be mindful, there should be no knee jerk decisions.

Onyi Anyado, encouraged the delegates to manage, master and maximise their time. Onyi asked attendees to really consider whether they are really giving themselves the time needed to develop as leaders. Abe Jawando shared tactics on how a good leader embraces change and turns it into a growth opportunity.

Annabel Harper shared insight on how to become a mindful leader, who understands how to change their style to lead successfully whether they are in calm waters or turbulent seas. Caroline Marsh shared her story of how she went from an air stewardess to millionaire property developer. Caroline used the money game to illustrate her point of seizing opportunity, with one lucky delegate ending up with £10.

Ricardo Simms, left the delegates with key steps towards accessing sponsorship. Justina Mutale shared with the audience all her accomplishments as an African female leader.Dr Nkem Thompson reminded us all that leadership starts with ourselves and gave tips on how to manage stress to keep ourselves in good health to go out there and achieve our goals.

Eric Chinje, sent in a video available on the women4africa youtube channel, identifying core beliefs necessary for African women to emerge.

The great event organisation, by the Women4Africa team, meant that everything ran smoothly and I am sure that the audience will have gained a lot of new information as well as made new useful contacts, here’s to doing again next year.

The event was hosted by the Ona Okolieh and Sponsored by

Marcomms365, Bestman games and Abe Jawando

A few testimonies from the programme…
Excellent speakers, such great value , Information, networking, im delighted I attended this

Sam, Im not just saying this because I know you, but the Calibre and energy in this room is second to none, thank you, Ive met and learnt from some absolute Icon’s.

Fantastic event, amazing line up of top speakers, great venue.

I am delighted , I attended this event, the people here are real business leaders, thank you soo much for putting this on.

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