What Is Your Perception Of A Sexy Woman?

All women love a good compliment but what is your perception of a beautiful sexy African woman? Does anyone loathe to be branded as sexy? I wonder if there are any women out there who would actually find such a compliment offensive, so now you can have your say.

Black & White Portrait of AngelI’m very sure your definition of sexy between the ages 16-18 must have dramatically changed as opposed to now, maybe you are in your late 30s and over. Now, depending on the mind of who’s viewing and what exactly is on show, looking sexy and being a sexy woman have different meanings so your response and contributions would be great. I will not necessarily conclude sexiness to wearing a short dress, having long hair or exposing some flesh as some seem to think always (rolling my eyes) In fact, at often times….too much of an exposed flesh can look very tacky and damaging to your reputation, depending on what the occasion is and where you wore the outfit to.. hoping not a business meeting of course.

Flirting can be as sexy as a wicked smile (winks) A very attractive, alluring woman, arousing desire may be classified as sexy but then there are plenty of those who are not visually a wow factor that are sexy and those that are equally visually beautiful that are not so sexy. What makes a woman sexy is not always her most obvious characteristics, surely the physical appearance has a lot to do with it but it runs much deeper than that. Your style and charisma can be a bonus but hey, check this out…… A woman who is comfortable with herself is top notch sexy. A woman that carries herself with class, not snobbish, exudes confidence, has integrity, impeccable manners, is also very sexy.

Having independence too fits the bill perfectly. So for those that don’t know it, its not always about the outward appearance of revealing outfits, these are temporary but more importantly, feeling good and loving yourself is more sexy. When next you look in the mirror, see that sexy, strong, confident woman staring back at you and squeal …..YESSSSSSSSSS I love me. See it and believe it.Rehearse the scene until it becomes real to you. Life may throw some curve balls but find that inner strength daily. Relate your sexiness to the positive things. Stay blessed till next time.


We are women4Africa empowering each other. Please contribute……..


Yours Truly

Tdlight Dagazau.

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  1. cloverlin ogebule says:

    Amazing piece. How easy it is to forget our value. Thank you for a well written reminder

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